It was a lightly snowy day. The wind is slowly whistling by. I walk down an alleyway with excitement. I see walls with names and missing posters. I walk to a wall of names. I picked up a charcoal crayon and wrote my name. I heard a noise coming from behind me. I turned around and saw a doll that was dressed exactly like my outfit. I quickly ran across the road to get to the doll. I notice that the doll is a creepy store.
I turned around and looked at a wall of names. I turned back to the doll and the doll disappeared. I tried to open the door but the door wouldn’t open. I got angry and picked up a pile of snow and turned it into a snowball.

I chucked the snowball at the door and walked away. Suddenly I hear a doorbell ring. I turned around and the door was open. I entered the creepy store. I saw the doll standing on a red comfortable table. I walked closer and closer and saw a little doll riding a tricycle. I looked up and the doll was gone again.

I tried to look for the doll but I could not find it. I look in a cupboard full of other dolls.
I found the doll standing next to a green doll holding an umbrella. I climbed up and touched the doll.

All of a sudden the doll had trapped me inside its body. I was breathing so hard out of fright realizing that I turned into a doll. I was scared. Would I turn back into human form or that I would stay as a doll forever.

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