High diving giraffes

 I walk with my long legs into a infinite stretch of white shiny tiles. I stopped at a 

camera and start staring at it. I swing my long tail with brown hair at the end.


 I’m feeling excited  to walk with my friends. Sione is in front of me, walking with a long step. His tail is wiggling back and forwards. Jacob is behind me. I can hear him clip clopping. We all continued to walk in a line like soldiers.

A big loop was close by. It takes hours to get to the top.

At the top, a diving board is nearby and my friend Spelman is hanging upside down. I realize that we are about to jump into a giant swimming pool with dark blue lanes. It  is my turn. I quickly run fast and grab my friend’s chin and jump.

I start to fall quickly, I relax my body and it feels like I am falling from the sky.


I dive into the water and swim quickly up to the surface. I walk to the top again. At the top there is a second diving board and this time it was my friend Eli hanging ready to grab us. It is my turn again.  I dive into the water like a big blue dolphin. It is fun. We all swim to the surface and quickly walk to the side of the pool to drink the chlorinated water. 

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