War has began. As bombs exploded in each houses some people did not survive.  As I went outside and walked to see my dad I saw houses and vehicles damaged by bombs, grenades and rocket launchers. My dad came up to me and told me, “Peter you must take your brothers far far away from our home. Make sure they are safe.” “Why dad?” I asked.  “I promised you that I will never leave. I’m sorry but this is the time that you will have to leave. Just promise that you will keep our treasure safe.  Just pack your things and go”, he said. “OK Dad I guess I have to tell my brothers. As I walked back to our house it was destroyed. But luckily my brothers survived. I quickly said “guys are you alright?” “Yes Peter we are, what happend to our house” they said? “A bomb came and struck down our house,” I told them.  “Dad is he ok, hes fine  but dad told me we have to walk far far away from our home, but we are not going until dad is coming with us.”


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